IU celebrates her 12th anniversary with a huge donation


IU celebrates her 12th anniversary with a large donation and held a special broadcast on VLive. The EDAM Entertainment solo star celebrated with Uaena, who have supported her for more than a decade in her career in the K-pop industry, the singer decided to give back what her fans have given her by making a significant donation in her name to two organizations, also shared their future plans.

Through the VLive app, IU celebrated her 12th anniversary alongside Uaena. The native of the Korean city of Songjeong-dong had a difficult past and only the strength of her dreams helped her move forward. The idol debuted with her first single “Lost Child”, since then she has gained popularity, not only as a soloist, but as an actress and songwriter.

Even though this day is her celebration, IU decided to commemorate her anniversary with a large donation to foundations like Snail of Love and support women through the Korean Association of Families with Single Mothers. The singer contributed 50 million won to each organization, as she wants women, herself, and her fandom to shine together.


During the live broadcast, IU thanked her fans for their support, but regretted that they could not meet in person due to the difficult world situation, but she hopes that next year they can meet again. She also assured that her health is good, since she has done exercise such as Pilates and yoga, so she hopes that everyone is healthy until next year.

About her plans for the future, IU revealed that she is preparing her first full album, currently, she is choosing the songs, although she announced that she will not be able to choose all the tracks that she wanted, because she is very demanding with her music, she also shared that there could be collaborations with other lyricists he has worked with.

About the concept of the album, IU only said that it will be very elegant, she has tried to write as much as possible. Her love for music is evident, but she confessed that she recently had a difficult day recording a mini concert for the program “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, as she faced a long recording and that she had never experienced before, she even cried for what hard it turned out.

Uaena will also be able to enjoy her role as an actress with her upcoming projects. IU has already recorded the film known as “Dream”, but she has received several offers and is studying the scripts to decide on a project. After being rejected by 20 agencies and being scammed by others, IU managed to consolidate her career and turn 12 years old.


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