IU celebrates Christmas with a donation and shows her good heart


IU’s great heart is reflected in her best actions, like this one she did to celebrate Christmas in the best way, supporting a cause for the children of Korea.

Lee Ji Eun is a solo idol who has imminently triumphed in the South Korean music industry thanks to her great talent, amazing songs from her, and incredible stage presence; she is one of her most beloved artists in her home country.

But globally, IU also has many fans who have been totally captivated by the beauty of her voice and her songs always performed with great emotion, one of the most popular soloists in K-Pop that has had great success through her more than 10 years of career.

But also Jieun’s personality is what has conquered many fans, a sweet way of being, with characteristics that always show how great and good the heart of this idol so acclaimed in South Korea is.

And to close this great year, IU decided to share her wealth with those who need it most, making a large donation to support the children of Korea, what cause did the artist support on this occasion?

According to EDAM Entertainment, the agency that manages IU’s career, confirmed that the K-Pop soloist had donated a total of 200 million won to charity, supporting ChildFund Korea in order to help cancer patients and children. of low resources.

Part of the donation was also used for scholarships for children and young people who are being raised by her grandparents, IU shows her great heart and offers her hand to those who need it most.

IU is not only an excellent singer, but she is also a great human being who shows the most empathetic side of her by making these types of donations.

In September, to celebrate her 13th anniversary, IU teamed up with several brands that she has modeled for, managing to get a donation of 850 million won: 0 which is approximately 14.8 million Mexican pesos: ‘).

There is much to admire about IU, her talents and her great heart are amazing, without a doubt an example to follow as an artist and as a human being.

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