ITZY Will Dominate With Crazy In Love, What’s Your Tracklist?


ITZY idols are more than ready to release ‘Crazy In Love’ and excitedly share their tracklist. We will hear ITZY’s new album ‘Crazy In Love’ very soon, do you know what songs it will have? Idols are ready to conquer all stages.

ITZY idols have shown that they have everything it takes to dominate any stage they step on and win millions of hearts from all the fans that are part of their amazing fanbase today; With their dancing and singing skills , each member of ITZY proves powerful on the music scene .

And all are more than ready to impact the world with new songs , ‘Crazy In Love’ will be their next release that will have as its main theme a song called ‘Loco’ , so the world will remain as the title of this song when ITZY releases her new record material.

Besides ‘Loco’, ‘Crazy In Love’ will have other songs that will end up enchanting all the fans of this girl group , do you have everything ready for the next ITZY premiere? If not, you can get ready by knowing the tracklist of this release.


‘Crazy In Love’ ITZY have a total of 16 songs , 9 original songs 1 English version and 6 instrumental versions of the songs this coming album of the group of K-Pop , the idols of ITZY are more than prepared for this comeback and we can’t wait any longer.

Next September 24 is the date on which ‘Crazy In Love’ opens, get ready for this great release! We can’t wait any longer for the new ITZY material.


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