ITZY: This is how Yuna denied her dating rumors with ENHYPEN’s Jay


In the world of K-pop, secretly dating idols sometimes give little hints about their relationships, whether it’s in matching clothes or sharing photos on the same sites days apart. For that reason, when Yuna and Jae coincided in the same restaurant, the rumors broke out.

Picking the most popular item on the menu could get you involved in dating rumours. This is how Yuna from ITZY and Jay from ENHYPEN experienced it, after going to the same restaurant and ordering the same dish. The idols shared very similar photos on social media, causing netizens to assume they were dating. It didn’t take long for Yuna to clarify the situation.

For many idols, dating rumors can be detrimental to their careers. Therefore, it is important to act quickly when these rumors start. For that reason, noticing the confusion, Yuna was quick to update fans on the truth behind the photos.


A few days ago, through the Bubble platform, ITZY’s Yuna wanted to update her fans. The singer shared photos of herself at Lotte World’s famous “Gordon Ramsay Burger” restaurant. In the photographs, the girl appeared smiling happily next to two hamburgers, a milkshake and a lemonade.

The next day, Jay also updated his followers. He went to the same restaurant and shared photos of a chicken burger and milkshake identical to the ones in Yuna’s photos.

This coincidence led netizens to claim that both idols were dating. Since there were many similarities to be just a coincidence.

Noticing the controversy, Yuna updated fans by explaining that her date at the restaurant was a childhood friend of hers. With whom she had known for more than 11 years and recently she was accepted to the university. To celebrate, they went to the restaurant together. She also shared a photo of her friend next to her burger.


After Yuna’s clarification on her networks. Netizens mentioned that even the size of the burgers in the photos were different, plus Jay mentioned that he had come with his father. They also stated that it would be impossible for Yuna to remove her mask in a restaurant if she had been together with a male idol, risking being discovered.