ITZY shows their energy in Not Shy, their new MV


ITZY is back with a wild west video and singing “Noy Shy”, their new MV. The JYP girl group left the “Wannabe” era behind to travel to the desert and the alleys of the city to dance without feeling sorry to express everything they feel. Their new album has the same name and promises to be a success, as more than a year after their debut they have gained great popularity.

Through JYP’s official YouTube account, ITZY revealed the MV for “Not Shy”, which already registers more than 4 million views just a few hours after being released, in addition to social networks, MIDZY has shared various messages greeting for girls.

The music video shows the group in the desert, in an alley and in a kind of warehouse while repeating the phrase “Not Shy”, as the single invites you to be brave and show who you are without being shy. The choreography for this comeback includes various hand movements.

Among the curiosities of “Not Shy” is the fact that it was written by J.Y. Park, the CEO of the entertainment agency JYP, whose concept fused with the energy that characterizes the group will make you dance non-stop.

ITZY also made a premiere video to present their new song for the first time, in addition, they released a personalized emoji on Twitter, which consists of the phrase “Not Shy” in green. For the MV craze, the girls wore white suits and western-like outfits.

ITZY has had great success with their comebacks, especially with “Wannabe”, which left many wanting to try the famous move of shaking men. For this comeback, they also revealed a kind of challenge through TikTok, where they shared a dance practice.

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