ITZY: Ryujin’s best looks that highlight his beauty


ITZY’s Ryujin knows how to pull off a wide variety of looks. During her artistic career we have seen her with beautiful hair colors that make her look very pretty, but what are her best styles? Today is the singer’s birthday and that’s why we remember some of them.

Surely you know who Ryujin is, but it is worth reminding you that she is part of ITZY, from the JYP Entertainment company, it is made up of five members: Yeji, Lia, Chaeyoung, Yuna and the beautiful birthday girl. This K-Pop group debuted in 2019, under the concept ‘Girl Crush’ with the song ‘DALLA DALLA’.

Since its inception, Ryujin made MIDZY fall in love with her hairstyles, you will surely want to remember some of them, now that it is the singer and rapper’s birthday. The idol was born on April 17, 2001, she turned 21 years old. So don’t forget to leave him a message of congratulations.


dark brown

Dark brown is a color that has benefited many, even most of us are born with that color and obviously we see Ryujin wearing this style and carrying it very confidently. Without a doubt, the birthday girl knows how to look spectacular.

Very chic blonde highlights

Ryujin has not only sported dark brown hair, she has also worn it with some blonde highlights and they make her look very pretty. Maybe if you want to get a hair change, but nothing dramatic, you can take the example of the idol and use it. She looks phenomenal.

legally blonde

Blonde hair in a certain part of the population is natural, others resort to dyeing it that way. On one occasion Ryujin wore this color and she looks fabulous with this cut, on top of which it gave her a touch of tenderness. See that smile? It is gorgeous!

pink hair

Ryujin has not only flaunted looks with natural colors, we saw her wear pink hair during ITZY’s comeback called ‘IT’z CY’. We loved seeing her use this style and she only says that she is very daring, since not everyone is encouraged to use fantasy tones. What do you think?

how it all started

In her debut, Ryujin had short hair with blonde streaks in the back. Although perhaps it is a simple style, it was only the beginnings of the idol. This fills us with melancholy and tenderness because of how small she looked. Since then we have seen her hair grow and her hair change as well. We love her!

These were the looks Ryujin wore over time. She has liked each one of them and it only shows the style that the idol prefers. She maybe likes quiet things and not so flashy, but we have noticed that whatever she decides to wear, she looks pretty good on her. So happy birthday!