Itzar Ituño hints that it will have another season


Spanish star Itziar Ituño has opened up about his desire to revive La Casa de Papel for a sixth season, despite Netflix confirming that the series would come to an end with the fifth part.

However, both fans of the show and cast members will be saddened to see one of Netflix’s most popular franchises come to an end. Among them is Itziar Ituño, who has been a pillar of La Casa de Papel.

Raquel has remained a favorite of La Casa de Papel fans over the years, especially when she left the police to team up with the professor in the second heist, taking her new alias Lisboa.

Reflecting on her time on Netflix’s Spanish hit, Ituño didn’t rule out the possibility of a comeback. Revealed:

“I think it’s the right decision to close the story there, but who knows if it will be reconsidered in the future.”

Now that fan demand has started to have more influence over the future of popular television shows, could the fifth season of La Casa de Papel be successful enough to warrant a sixth?

While Ituño welcomed the idea of ​​continuing the La Casa de Papel story, she was also wary that a follow-up series would turn out to be too good a thing.

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