ITT will produce masks from waste plastic bottles

N95 PPE protective mask resting on blue medical scrubs with copy space

Indian Institute of Technology (ITT) researchers have announced that they have developed high-efficiency mask making technology that can be washed and used up to 30 times using waste pet bottles.

The Indian Institute of Technology team in India, which has been on the agenda since the first day of the coronavirus pandemic has reacted to the social distance and quarantine practices, announced that they have developed a technology for high-efficiency masks.

The team has also taken a step towards environmental pollution and waste by using waste plastic bottles for the mask they have developed through the electro fiber drawing method. Researchers first smashed waste plastic bottles. Afterwards, they melted the waste plastic bottles that they disintegrated through pressed nano-fiber and melting agent.

ITT will produce masks from waste plastic bottles:

According to information shared by Assistant Professor Sumit Sinha Ray, an expert at the Indian Institute of Technology, the ITT (Indian Institute of Technology) team applied a different method for their masks that provide equivalent filtering with N95 and other medical masks. In the mask developed by the team, waste plastic bottles were preferred to obtain a nano-sized non-woven fabric texture.

In this case, one of the first things that come to your mind is whether plastic is safe for use. Sumit Sinha Ray clarifies this issue as well. It means that this nano-fiber tissue obtained from waste plastic bottles transformed into a new structure with the solution used is purified from all of the other components that cause bacteria and infections. Ray even claims that the success of these developed masks in breathing is better than many other masks available on the market.

Stating that the preference of waste plastic bottles in the development of the mask will contribute not only to environmental pollution but also to the economy, Ray adds that his production costs will be reduced by half thanks to the materials and methods they use.

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