It’s useful to start chatting with yourself on WhatsApp Web


We show you everything you can do when starting a chat with yourself on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is one of the

Users may wonder what the usefulness of this is, but you will be amazed when you know the full list of actions that you can carry out and what it will do for you to have a chat only with you. Here we tell you the reasons why you will want to try it at this time and the options you have to do it.

Why have a chat with myself on WhatsApp?

Having a chat where only you are can be very useful, for example, if you captured a photo with your mobile device and you want to edit it on the computer, you just have to send it to yourself in the application and you can download it from WhatsApp Web as easily.

You can also write a list, a note or a recipe that you want to forward to someone else later or create a voice audio that will act as a reminder.

It gives you the opportunity to save links, songs, images or videos that you want to consult later; between many other things.

How to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp?

Add yourself as a contact

You have to open a web address that contains your phone number. Once the link is created, you will be able to start a chat with yourself without having to add yourself as a contact.

Create a group just for you

In this step you only have to create a new group in the messaging platform and add at least one of your friends, it is recommended that you notify them first. Then, all you have to do is remove the other contact from that group, so you can be left alone. The messages that you send in this chat only you will be able to read them because you are the administrator.

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