It’s Time To Go Home For Cristiano Ronaldo! Manchester United Transfer Officially Announced


Ronaldo‘s home is back at Manchester United! For Ronaldo, who has become the number one player of transfer in European football, the news of his return to home has stirred up the air. Ronaldo, who left without an agreement with Manchester City from the table, reached an agreement with his former club Manchester United.

While the most active days of the summer transfer season were experienced in Europe, all eyes were turned to the number one actor of the football agenda, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star returned to Manchester United after 12 years… Manchester City was the first club to step in for Ronaldo, who wanted to open a new page in his career. Massimiliano Allegri, the coach of the Turin team, also announced that Portuguese star player Cristiano Ronaldo told him that he wanted to leave the team. Getting ready to return to England, Ronaldo accepted the offer of his former team Manchester United. ManU has officially announced the transfer from their official account.


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