It’s The Season For Megan Fox to Go Full Doll in a Topless Outfit


Barbicore has been in the spotlight in the past year as Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie is gaining momentum and celebrities like Florence Pugh are rocking a new popular pink shade. Of course, Megan Fox is not one of those who ignores the hot trend, and at a recent event with Machine Gun Kelly went full Barbiecore. Her timing is impeccable, as December was a great month to stand out in color.

First of all, Megan Fox attended the Audacy Beach Festival in Fort Lauderdale this month. It was not the most formal occasion, so the 4 stars of “The Expendables” came in a pink fur hat and a top with bare breasts. I think that this time she managed to make a “selection” happen. Let’s take a look.

December was a great month for Barbiecore on the red carpet. “Emily in Paris” star Lucien Lavisconte shone in color at the New York premiere of the third season of the Netflix show this month. Also, “Only Murder in the Building” star Selena Gomez rocked the fashion trend when she attended an SNL party earlier in the holiday month.

Why December 2022 was the perfect month for the Barbicore look

This isn’t the first time Megan Fox has been involved in fashion. She was one of the first to wear a nude dress, and also tried out pants-less looks (when it was fashionable) and more for events in the past. This isn’t even the first time Fox has tried Barbicore, as she also decided to try this style—with pink hair to boot—when she and Machine Gunner Kelly celebrated the release of the Hulu documentary “Life in Pink.”

The theme was trending then and again this month when Barbie released her first full trailer. While the Barbie movie didn’t completely spawn the Barbicore trend (you can be grateful for that to the infamous Valentino sheer dress), it certainly served as the inspiration for all the pink, pink, pink we’ve seen in recent months. And December was finally marked by the release of the full-length trailer for “Barbie” some time after we first saw the cast, including the viral image of Ryan Gosling as Ken.

The first trailer came out in December, around the same time that some of these celebrity icons showed off their pink looks. The timing of their appearance had nothing to do with the release of the trailer, but given the hype surrounding the film and the celebrities advertising the look, I think we can all agree that December was the peak of Barbicore. Seriously, I know that green and red, as well as blue and white, if you’re celebrating Hanukkah, are traditional holiday colors, but I definitely expect to see a lot more pink as we approach the New Year. Who’s with me?

Meanwhile, given that the film won’t actually be released until July 2023, I expect this trend to continue for a while. We’ll have to wait and see if this prediction comes true, but there are a lot of red carpets ahead, and you can find out about some of the most anticipated ones by reading the release schedule of the new film for 2023.


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