It’s that simple to make a reminder in iOS 14


How many times have you put a reminder on your smartphone? This is one of the best functions that these devices have and that on more than one occasion has helped you not to forget something important. Using this function is the simplest and most important for your day to day, but if you still don’t know what it is capable of or do not know the changes that iOS 14 has given it, we will tell you about them.

So you can create reminders in iOS 14

A birthday, an anniversary, an important date, a meal … all these things you need to write down in order not to forget about them. To do this, you can write them down in the agenda or on your smartphone if it has a dedicated application for it. This is one of the features that iOS 14 has, but those of Cupertino have made changes to make using it much easier.

The first thing we have to do is use the reminder app on your mobile device and open the option to create a new one and look for the i that appears on the right side of the reminder. In the time section you have a new option to move two digits, something that was traditionally done with the numeric keyboard that will continue to appear at the bottom of this option.

The new feature comes hand in hand with the gesture control that makes handling the digits much more intuitive and easy to use. Now what you have to do to adjust is touch the box, select with your finger the part of the hours or the minutes and then you have to slide to put the exact time you have the event.

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Also available on iPadOS 14

You should know that this feature is not only available for iOS 14, it is also available for iPadOS. As you may know, the two operating systems have recently been renamed and each has options that make it much more accessible when a user works on a small or large screen. However, and for good, there are functions that they share when dealing with devices with a touch screen.


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