It’s Okay Not to Be Okay storybooks to go on sale


Moon Young children’s storybooks can be part of your personal library. The success of It’s Okay Not to Be Okay continues, the story managed to touch the hearts of all those who enjoyed its episodes and created a special bond with the K-Drama characters by learning about their stories, the drama’s storybooks They were a key part of the narrative and now you can purchase them for your collection.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay tells us the story of a group of people who, after meeting as adults, are able to help each other to heal the wounds of their past. One of them is Go Moon Young, a children’s book writer who suffers from antisocial personality disorder.

Although Moon Young writes children’s stories, she showed us that fairy tales can have a sad message deep down, however, she also pointed out that knowing reality is what will allow you to overcome it and move on even if it is a difficult episode in your life.

Thus, the stories written by Moon Young in It’s Okay Not To Be Okay also became a message for K-Drama fans, who recognized how special these stories were.

These books were the way in which the writer Moon Young told her story and the way in which she was able to heal her pain so that it could not stop her from continuing with her life, but they also helped the fans of the series reflect on some personal episodes. or others.

After such a good reception for the K-Drama and Moon Young short stories, the decision was made to release these contents as alternative and supplemental material for the drama.

The director of this production was the one who suggested that instead of only mentioning the books through the K-Drama they also be published, since he found the story of The Zombie Boy very attractive. However, the result of this picture book was so good that they decided to prepare five different books to capture the stories told in the series.


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