It’s now easier to access Outlook while browsing Chrome!


Technology company Microsoft has now added the Outlook extension to Chrome. The extension in question was recently released on the Chrome Web Store.


Microsoft is taking new steps for its email service Outlook. Working from home has become an inevitable part of our lives with the pandemic. That’s why tech companies are improving a variety of business and educational practices. We see that Outlook, which was released in 2012, has undergone various updates in this area.

Finally, Microsoft has made it easier to access Outlook when browsing the internet in Chrome. Here is the new function…

Microsoft Outlook extension in Chrome!

The Outlook extension is now available for Chrome. The extension provides access to email, calendar and tasks without having to switch tabs. The extension was made available on Microsoft Edge in June 2021.

Microsoft has released the Outlook extension on the Chrome Web Store. The functionality works with Outlook work accounts, Outlook personal accounts, and Hotmail accounts. So, what will be the features of the new function? Here are the features of the extension from the Chrome Web Store;

  • It will facilitate access to business and personal accounts,
  • It will enable to read e-mails, send new e-mails and see notifications,
  • It will also enable to create events, view upcoming events, and enable participation in online meetings,
  • It will make it easy to create, maintain and manage tasks.
  • It is also possible to add and view contacts with the new feature.

By the way, there is already web access to Microsoft Outlook. But this extension makes it quick to switch to emails without having to switch tabs. In addition, a user named Leo Varela first shared the extension on Reddit.

Do you think this extension will make your job easier? We are waiting your comments…


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