It’s Not Just Top Gun 2, Paramount Wins 2022 Box Office


Best Shooter: Maverick earned more than $1 billion at the box office, topping Paramount’s monstrous success at the box office in 2022. While only a handful of studios have traditionally dominated the box office, the post-pandemic box office is shaking things up and seeing more room for a few winners than in years past.

Before the pandemic, the intellectual property of major franchises absorbed the majority of box office receipts in the country, and Disney and Warner Bros. owned the largest real estate objects. Thanks to Spider-Man joining the MCU, even some of Sony’s top 10 wins were adjacent to Disney, and a number of 20th Century Fox’s big wins during that period look different now that Disney also owns this entire catalog.

Paramount took a big step forward in 2022, taking first place at the box office with the hit Top Gun: Maverick, but thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and The Lost City, Paramount currently has more hits in the top 10 than any other company. atelier. Paramount is no stranger to the box office, and technically it even launched the MCU box office, in addition to a number of major franchises such as Transformers, Mission Impossible and Star Trek, but with the continued dominance of Marvel, Star Wars. DC, “Harry Potter” and other major franchises, the studio has recently faded into the background, but 2022 is its best year (proportionally speaking) in a long time.

It’s not just Paramount’s top 10 hits that make 2022 an important year for the studio. While the overall rating of his films is certainly the highlight of the studio’s box office in 2022, how these films made money is almost even more important. Best Shooter: “Maverick”‘s box office was notable for bringing an important older demographic back to theaters, but “The Lost City” has similarly high rates among viewers over 35, albeit with a lower overall income. In fact, Paramount is showing good results in various demographic groups and currently ranks first among PG-rated films of 2022 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2), PG-13 rated films (Top Gun Maverick) and R rated films (Scream, which ranks 13th overall offset). within the country).

Of course, one of the reasons why there is much more open competition when it comes to the biggest films of the year is that Disney and Warner Bros. switched their focus to streaming, sending movies to Disney+ and HBO Max when they still had box office receipts to attract subscribers. growth from home viewers. It is unclear how much this has affected the performance of their best films, but it is clear that Disney and WB have lost their overall stranglehold in the top ten in terms of revenue, hardly at the expense of the two giants.

It’s only been half a year, and Disney and Warner Bros. There are still several major releases ahead, such as “Thor: Love and Thunder”, “Black Adam”, “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Shazam: Fury of the Gods”, so Paramount may not retain its fame until the end of the year, but this should not overshadow its big wins at the moment. As box office sales continue to recover after being shut down due to the pandemic, reaching a larger demographic audience and generating a significant portion of box office revenue domestically are among the most important ways for studios to maintain high revenue, and so far Paramount is doing it better than anyone else. .