“It’s Not Going to Happen” — Millie Bobby Brown talks about how to get Henry Cavill to do this One Thing


He can spin around with his elf sword and spin around in his red and blue Superman cape, but there are things Henry Cavill can’t do. And Millie Bobby Brown would certainly agree to that. Both British actors have achieved mesmerizing heads between siblings thanks to their on-screen and off-screen relationships after Brown’s detective novel “Enola Holmes.”

While the parent film tried to present the gender differences of the late 19th century from a modern perspective, its sequel, Enola Holmes 2, is based on this. For those who do not yet know about the whereabouts of the young detective Nancy Springer, just at the moment when she decided to close her independent agency, the main character of Brown received her first secret, which needs to be interfered with.

With a rather audacious energy tugging at the sleeve of the fourth wall destruction technique, MBB again causes absolute pleasure. And to top it all off, we have Cavill’s perfect Sherlock Holmes. And now it seems that the younger sister has something to tell about the “Mission Impossible” actor.

Millie Bobby Brown on how to involve Henry Cavill in this case
Having written these words in blood: It’s humanly impossible! The couple we now know as one of the most infamous on-screen siblings of the decade never shy away from sharing little details of their off-screen hilarious, foot-dragging, love-hate relationship. This time Enola talks about how to make Sherlock dance. In an online interview with her favorite BBC presenter, the 18-year-old youth icon spoke about her brand new sequel to the historical drama.

And the first question he asked was if she would ever be able to get her partner to dance. “That’s not going to happen,” Brown replied thoughtfully, before adding, “Honestly, it’s like a brick wall that needs to be moved,” suggesting that the fan—favorite Geralt of Rivia is too big and muscular to move without his will. Well, if you’ve been dreaming about this, you might have to think twice.

Do you think you could convince a tall, muscular, handsome detective to dance with you? Let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, stream Enola Holmes 2 only on Netflix if you haven’t already!


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