It’s impossible to ignore the newest hole in the MCU Supervillain Plot


ATTENTION: This article contains spoilers for the 4th episode of “Miss Marvel”.

As Ms. Marvel moves into the second half, a new and confusing plot hole appears involving MCU supervillains. A nefarious team of djinn known as the ClanDestines was introduced in episode 3 of Miss Marvel, The Doomed, where it was revealed that they are skilled fighters both in hand-to-hand combat and with unique weapons. While this is very impressive, the show has yet to give any explanation of how their weapons fully work.

In episode 4 of Miss Marvel, “Seeing Red”, Kamala and her mother visit Karachi to visit Kamala’s grandmother, Sana. Meanwhile, the ClanDestines are shown in the Supermax prison of the Department of Damage Control, chained up and leading down a dark corridor. Somehow they manage to break out of their chains and get the better of the DODC guards, who don’t seem to be resisting much, given that they know they are dealing with superpowered creatures.

After the ClanDestines are released from their shackles and the guards are incapacitated, they manage to get their weapons in the blink of an eye and you miss it, seemingly out of nowhere, without any indication that the guards are carrying their weapons. which in any case would be seriously illogical. The same thing happens during Aamir’s wedding in episode 3 of “Miss Marvel”. During a fight with Kamala, who owns the bracelet that the djinn are looking for, Adam knocks himself in the chest, and his weapon appears without explanation. While ClanDestine have certainly received a strong and interesting introduction to the MCU, there are still many questions surrounding their abilities and their ability to craft weapons. However, at the moment it serves as a plot hole.

The sorcery of the ClanDestines weapon may be related to the Nur dimension

While it can be assumed that the djinn possess some kind of magic derived from their connection to the Nur dimension, which means that Miss Marvel’s ClanDestines can create weapons using their abilities, there was no on-screen investigation of how this happens, and no confirmation off-screen that it really happens. It is expected that viewers will simply endure the blows and admit that the super-powered genie can snatch weapons out of the air when it is convenient. Overall, “Miss Marvel” was met with critics for its cute characters and fresh style, but there are small problems in the series that destroy the illusion of distrust and it is difficult for viewers to ignore them.

MCU fans have been expecting a certain level of flash from Marvel over the years; no one wants to watch a superhero movie or TV series that doesn’t showcase great visuals, especially since the visuals of the early MCU started out so strong. However, it has been the subject of intense attention lately: some films lacked this clean and polished computer image, as well as some tricky special effects during “Moon Knight” and some almost embarrassing computer images in the trailer for the upcoming Hulk Woman. It seems like the ClanDestine in “Miss Marvel” just might suddenly get their weapons when they need them is a way to cut out some possibly unnecessary CGI. This lack of visual effects may be another victim of Marvel being too scatterbrained by releasing so much content in a row, especially since they have started focusing not only on movies, but also on creating series for Disney+. There are still two episodes of “Miss Marvel” to be released, so Marvel has plenty of time to give viewers some explanation of how a genie can suddenly get his weapon. While there are some confusing issues with this new plot hole that some viewers may not be able to ignore, the revelations and twists in the 4th episode of “Miss Marvel” certainly excite the rest of the series.