It’s here, Kylie Jenner in collaboration with “The Grinch”


Proudly presenting her fifth special makeup collection, Kylie displays all the items from her “Holiday Collection” this year, almost available from her official website now.

Está aquí, Kylie Jenner en colaboración con

Just a couple of days ago the beauty and skin care industry mogul, Kylie Jenner, gave us a hint of what was the inspiration to create her newest collection of “Holidays” for this year, it should be noted that this special edition has been resoundingly successful as it is already the fifth consecutive year that it has managed to create a new range of beauty items to the delight of all its consumers.

Well, our suspicions were true, since, through her stories from her official Instagram account, in addition to a few videos and photographs directly from her profile, the businesswoman has revealed to us the theme of this new collection that will be available from of November 19, theme, which could not be a better choice, because, due to the upcoming dates, it fits perfectly.

It is a superb collection created around the theme of “The Grinch”, as we had previously assumed, this new range of beauty items has all kinds of makeup, perfect to use in the festivities that are to come. in a few weeks.

Kylie has been so excited, that so far there have been three publications dedicated solely and exclusively to promoting the aforementioned collection, and they really are unique pieces, beautiful colors, effects and tones that combine really well with everything. with regard to Christmas and the end of the year festivities, all decorated with some detail alluding to this recognized and beloved green character.

In the first publication, it was the same “Grinch” who decided to show us in a short video what the box of the articles looks like, this one, in the background has a sweet pastel pink color, with the legend “How the Grinch stole Christmas “That’s right, as mentioned in the successful and famous 2000 film, in the same way, using the same typeface used in it.

We can clearly see how the hand of this emblematic character opens the container of makeup pieces that presume to be unique and very special, although, it is not possible to see what is inside, thousands of followers of the socialite have commented how excited and anxious who are waiting for the collection that is already causing everyone to entertain themselves thinking what they will do with it.

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Clearly all this matter, it is a true collaboration with the creators of the endearing “Grinch”, because at the bottom of the box that contains the special articles, you can read “by Dr. Seuss”, so yes, the creator of the character I work very hard, hand in hand with Kylie to create these unique pieces.

In the second publication that the model also made from her profile, it is a short but funny video, in which all the products that we can find within the collection are shown, perfectly and strategically arranged from a plain, green background.

The funny thing is that, while the camera moves away to show the beautiful items, you can see how the Grinch himself tries to steal Kylie’s makeup as well, to which she responds to this act with a slight slap.

Among the articles we can see that there are cream and indelible lipsticks, sets of eyeshadows, eyeliners for eyes and lips, highlighters and other products that are sure to delight those who have the opportunity to acquire them.

The last of the publications of the socialite, is a series between photographs and videos showing the new articles, among which we can highlight a set of 16 shades in bronze, nude and some with lighting, a set of lipstick and lip liner. , glitter for eyes and a pair of gloss, in the same way with many glitters, obviously each and every one of the makeup products are decorated with emblematic images of the green character.

We can’t wait for it to be available to see the full collection, which Kylie will launch this coming November 19 from her official website:


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