It’s Fridays at the castle for Chip and Joanna Gaines as they begin the incredible Reno they’ve been waiting for for years


While Chip and Joan Gaines struggled with their Magnolia Network shows at the beginning of the year, it turned out that the couple was working on a brand new iteration of their popular series Fixer Upper. And this time they are connected with locks!

The popular Zillow Gone Wild Instagram account, which showcases unique houses on Zillow, dedicates Fridays to castle houses, which are appropriately called Castle Friday. The king and queen of home renovation, Chip and Joanna Gaines, will now also be participating in Castle Fridays, as their new show Fixer Upper: The Castle will soon premiere on the Magnolia Network, and a trailer is already available.

In the new show, the Fixer Upper duo has bought their 19th-century castle and is struggling to repair it. Chip had been dreaming about the castle for two decades, and now that dream has finally come true. It looks like it’s going to be one of, if not the biggest and most difficult repairs for the couple while they try to get it back to its original state.

Fixer Upper: The Castle marks the second by-product of Fixer Upper after 2018’s Behind the Design. The original series originally ran from 2013 to 2018. With the launch of the Magnolia Network in 2020, the duo announced the return of Fixer Upper. The official premiere of the “Welcome Home” version took place in early 2021 on the new network, confirming that this is definitely the world of Chip and Joanna Gaines, and we just live in it.

Seeing them repair an entire castle should be interesting, as it’s definitely different from what they usually do. They usually completely renovate the house, and by the time they’re done, you won’t even recognize it. The fact that their goal is to restore it to its original state is something worth counting on. Restoring something from the 19th century to the 21st century will obviously not be easy, but who better to cope with this task than Chip and Joanna Gaines?

Earlier this year, the couple had some difficulties with their new show “Homework”. Complaints from several homeowners claimed that hosts Candice and Andy Meredith damaged homes because of the work done on the show. The series has since been restored to the Magnolia Network, and all episodes of the first season are available for streaming on the website.

See how Chip and Joanna Gaines handle the lock in Fixer Upper: The Castle, which will premiere on Friday, October 14, at 21:00 EST on the Magnolia network! Meanwhile, all seasons of Fixer Upper, as well as Behind the Design and Welcome Home are now available for streaming on HBO Max by subscription. To find out about additional viewing opportunities now and in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2022.


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