It’s easier to install extensions on Firefox for Android


Mozilla promises to facilitate the installation of extensions on Firefox for Android in the next version of the browser, which will be released on January 25. According to the company, edition 85 of the mobile browser will feature a new page focused on add-ons that will bring an experience similar to what we have in the computer program.

Currently, the installation of extensions in Firefox for Android happens through the Add-ons Manager. Starting with version 85, Mozilla will allow installation to take place via the browser extension page on the web.

The installation procedure promises to be similar to the use of extensions on the PC: the user enters the site, chooses the enhancement for the browser and performs the download. It is important to note, however, that the number of add-ons on the cell phone is quite limited compared to the computer program.

According to Engadget, the company currently offers 12 smartphone extensions. Mozilla’s goal with the limited list is to offer content curation to ensure a good user experience for those who do not usually install add-ons on the mobile browser.

The Firefox developer promises that more extensions will be optimized for Android in the coming months. The options already available include solutions to improve Google searches and also an ad blocker.

Mozilla is putting a lot of emphasis on the clean usage experience in the mobile version of Firefox. The company launched a revamped version of the browser for mobile phones last year and also implemented tools to decrease the crawling of websites while browsing.

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