İts creators talk about a possible version on consoles


The study is discussing this possibility, but they have doubts when it comes to implementing the communication system on those platforms.

The success of Among Us! It has not gone unnoticed by anyone. The work of Innersloth, available since last year 2018, has exploded with force in the middle of 2020. Thus, it is not surprising that some wonder about the possibility that the title will see the light on consoles in the future. During a streaming broadcast, Forest Willard, from the development team, admitted that they are discussing it internally, although at the moment they have some doubts about it, mainly due to the communication systems.

“It’s something we’re starting to talk about,” Willard begins. “But we have to wait for a system that has fast communications.” The developer does not have them all that they may be able to implement voice chat as they wish. Therefore, they still have to investigate whether or not they can make the console port, especially now that the next generation machines are about to be launched.

Among Us !, in numbers

The success in mobile phones has been reflected in the exponential growth in the number of downloads. Since its launch, it has already harvested more than 86.6 million installations. In fact, year-on-year growth in August 2020 was 661%, according to Sensor Tower data. In terms of revenue, Innersloth has pocketed $ 3.2 million in ingame purchases.

Among Us! It works under the free-to-play model on mobile devices, while on PC it can be purchased through Steam for a price of 3.99 euros. The main difference is that the free version has in-app ads, while the PC game works ad-free. In any case, the title is exactly the same: an impostor and several crew members inside the ship who will try to fulfill their mission at all costs and unmask the saboteur.

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