It’s better to call Saul’s decorator after learning about the death of the mid-season finale earlier than the actor did


The main spoilers for the last episode of “Better Call Saul” “Plan and Execution” are waiting for you ahead, so read at your own risk.

If you’re a Better Call Saul fan like me, then chances are you’re probably still reeling from the heartbreaking events of the midseason finale. The episode that ended the first half of season 6 was full of massive moments, and subsequently fans had a number of questions. Something that was incredibly clear from this episode was the fate of Howard Hamlin, who unfortunately died at the hands of Lalo Salamanca. Of course, one might wonder how the performer is approaching the demise of his character, although you also have to consider how much the film crew is aware in advance. Interestingly, the show’s decorator knew about the development even earlier than the star of the series Patrick Fabian.

Ashley Marsh has worked as a decorator/buyer on “Better Call Saul” since the show debuted in 2015, so she’s been around during all of the show’s highlights, including the characters’ deaths. Howard Hamlin’s story may be the most tragic of all, and it’s honest enough to make a person stop watching the Breaking Bad prequel. Marsh was also sad to see Howard leave in such a violent manner, a feeling she expressed when we chatted recently. Revealing that she knew about the fate of the character before Patrick Fabian, she also explained whether it affected her and her team’s approach to creating the scenery in which the late lawyer lived.:

I mean yes. I probably knew before Patrick did. The producer called and said, “Hey, if you run into him, please don’t say anything.” Of course I won’t, because we signed a non-disclosure agreement. But I’m not sure how long they waited to tell him because it changes you in your head. And that’s changing for me because I feel like everything needs to be a little more thought out. Because you don’t want to put something in there that seems hopeful… but you also don’t want to lead.

It’s a difficult tightrope to walk, to put it mildly. On the one hand, you don’t want the character’s environment to be too joyful, as it assumed that everything would be fine. However, I also don’t want to fall into a feeling of fear too much to make the fate of the lawyer obvious to the audience. But in the end, Ashley Marsh and her staff were successful, because I’m not sure how many people could have foreseen what was in store for Howard from the very beginning.

Before Howard’s death, fans could see him in some places that were quite personal for him. One of these places was the Hamlin Estate, which viewers saw only from the outside in the fifth season. While he was in his posh apartment, it turned out that he was living in a guest house because of family problems. Throughout the season, viewers also saw him in the office, where he mostly met with his private investigator. There was not enough heat in both places, especially in Hamlin’s house, which seemed cold. However, there have never been any revelations that suggest that the curse of Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler’s existence has disappeared.

At the moment, two major accidents have occurred in the final season of “Better Call Saul”. In addition to Howard Hamlin, Ignacio “Nacho” Varga of Michael Mando also bit the bullet. Well, more specifically (and tragically), he got shot in the head after telling Hector Salamanca that he caused his stroke. Like Howard’s death, it was a sad moment, even though Mando played it so masterfully.

There’s a good chance that the critically acclaimed drama hasn’t finished choosing the characters yet. Given the Breaking Bad timeline, we know some won’t die (yet), but some others may still meet a terrible end. I’m most concerned about Kim Wexler, as is one of the creators of the series, Peter Gould. At this point, fans may want to take into account Ashley Marsh’s comments about Howard and look for clues to determine if their favorite characters will survive.

The second half of the 6th season of “Better Call Saul” will begin on the AMC channel on July 11 at 21:00. ET on AMC as part of the TV program for 2022. Those who need to catch up before watching the last season can stream the rest with a Netflix subscription.