“It’s been a brilliant relationship so far” – as Rob McaLenney and Ryan Reynolds owe the entire credit of their partnership to no one but the manager of Wrexham Football Club.


Ryan Reynolds and his passion for football were very noticeable when the Hollywood first-class player bought an entire football team together with co-owner Rob McElhenny. But was he professional enough to choose the right team for himself? Two stars assembled Wrexham AFC last year, in 2021. It turned out to be one of the most successful decisions they made in their lives. There were regular promotions with a whole show to raise the team. But do you know what really pushed the stars to buy the club?

Although both stars are avid football enthusiasts, the real reason the pair chose Wrexham lies elsewhere. Although we all think that this should be a joint decision of in-demand celebrities, in fact they were pushed by a third party.

Who helped Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny buy the Wrexham team?

Chief executive Humphrey Ker recently shared that it was actually the football manager who pushed Reynolds and McElhenny to Wrexham. According to the Mirror, the duo was going to settle down in the “lower league”. Even the possibility that they would lead any football league largely depended on their luck when they first decided to buy a team together. But with Wrexham, “we’ve had a brilliant relationship so far,” Ker said.

After surfing the internet, we now know that the person we are talking about is Phil Parkinson. He was awarded an award for outstanding managerial achievements and currently works as a professional football manager. According to Ker, there were many other clubs that the duo was looking forward to.

Some of them were Hartlepool and Macclesfield, which they carefully considered. However, it was Parkinson’s that inspired them to look higher and choose the best of all. That’s why both Hollywood stars chose Wrexham. Currently, while other owners of such English teams are being criticized, Wrexham has always been moving forward in their promotion.

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