“It’s almost a nuclear-radioactive item,” The Royal Journalist Claims That Harry and Meghan Will Not Be Mentioned in The Christmas Hearings of The British Royal Family.


The festive mood has already arrived, and it seems that each of the household is doing everything possible to make this day special. From a perfectly decorated Christmas tree to a wellβ€”thought-out list of movies and gifts, everyone will celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. Well, so it will be with the British royal family. Do you know about their big plan? It is reported that no one should even mention the names of Prince Harry and Meghan.


Since their record-breaking documentary series debuted on Netflix, they have caused enough controversy in the monarchy led by Charles III. It is noteworthy that the Sussex have made serious accusations against Prince William and King Charles III for having expelled them from the family. Despite the explosive revelations, the Palace refused to make a statement about Harry and Meghan. One of the royal reporters also claims that they will continue to do this during the grand celebration of Christmas.

The royal family does not mention or mention Prince Harry and Meghan at their royal Christmas celebration.

British royals are known for taking pride in never complaining and never explaining the tradition. Amid heated arguments since a colored woman came into their lives, they decided to do the same. Apparently, the royal journalist Adam Helliker stated that the Sussex have done enough harm to the royal family, and therefore they plan to avoid any conversations related to them.

“I think the only guarantee you can give is that the topic that won’t be raised has anything to do with Harry and Meghan or Netflix,” the journalist said. “It has ruined their days enough so far, especially Charles and Camilla’s first days as the new king and queen.” He further compared this topic to “nuclear-radioactive”, arguing that “everything connected with it will actually end in a deplorable way.”

He also spoke about the first ever Christmas speech of King Charles as a monarch. Helliker said that the king will directly refer to his children, Prince Williams and Prince Harry, “as members of a single family.” Next, they will scroll through some of these “inconvenient facts”.

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