It’s A Sin: trailer of the series with Neil Patrick Harris


Recently, streaming HBO Max released a new official trailer for its new miniseries. Created by Russell T. Davies, the same as the famous Queer as Folk, It’s A Sin is set in the 1980s, in London, focused on various conflicts experienced by the LGBTQI + community at the time.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris makes a cameo in one of the episodes playing the character Henry Coltrane. The cast also stars Olly Alexander, lead singer of the band Years & Years, as well as Omari Douglas and Callum Scott Howells.

Lydia West, Nathaniel Curtis, Keeley Hawes are also on the acting team, along with Stephen Fry, who appears in two episodes as Arthur Garrison.

Check out the full trailer:

Learn more about It’s A Sin, HBO Max series with Neil Patrick Harris in the cast

Directed entirely by Peter Hoar, the miniseries has a rich ambience, evidenced by the images already released. In the general context of production, this appears to be very promising. Themes like the AIDS crisis and the relationship of the main characters are recurrent in the production.

Over the five episodes planned, the audience will meet a group of young gay friends living their lives fully until they are faced with the threat of the HIV virus. All of these young people are of different backgrounds and will need to come together, more than ever, to face the infamous disease.

In addition, the trailer already shows that the episodes will have extremely exciting and engaging scenes regarding the fight against AIDS and prejudice. All of these expectations have already been confirmed by The Guardian, which gave the HBO Max production top marks in its evaluation published in the last few days.

The premiere is scheduled for February 18 on streaming.


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