“It’s a lot of fun to make Millie look bad,” Henry Cavill does another Sherlock—style trick in the movie “Millie’s Sister Bobby Brown”


On the eve of the release of “Enola Holmes 2” in just a week, the last premiere in New York created all the excitement around the upcoming film. On top of that, the interview that took place a few hours ago also gave fans useful content to keep up with the hype. The actors of the “Hegemony of Houses” Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown once again made the audience laugh in an American talk show. That’s what it was all about.

The British barons, who became brothers and sisters, told about everything from the settings to the release in an interview. The hosts of the program “Good Morning America” had a great time talking about the long-awaited blockbuster of the year “Enola Holmes 2”. The star of “The Witcher” Henry Cavill did not miss a single opportunity to make fun of the supernova from “Stranger Things” Millie Bobby Brown. .

Henry Cavill once again joked about Millie Bobby Brown as an older brother

The hosts asked the stars a bunch of questions, one of which concerned their schedule and leisure time on the set. Responding in kind, Henry talks about how he loves spending time with the team, especially on Baker Street. The star also did not forget to mention that the most sought-after Hollywood stars definitely “do not have free time.”

However, in between filming, Cavill mentioned how much he likes to shoot on Bakers Street. Another reason for this was, as he mentioned, “It’s a lot of fun to put Millie in a bad light and never wait for her.” Being Millie’s on-screen brother in the role of Sherlock for Enola, the actors got close enough to exchange pleasantries.

However, in her defense, Millie said that Cavill is always in a hurry, and she “needs to relax and unwind.” All this was nothing more than a funny gesture of the older brother aimed at his little sister. The answers from both sides made the presenters and the audience laugh.

Despite the dynamic, the stars have demonstrated extraordinary cooperation with each other to make Enola Holmes a huge success. Henry once publicly mentioned that he would like to return to another part after “Enola Holmes 2”, as it is more convenient for him to work with Brown.


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