“It’s 100% self—doubt” – when Will Smith made a startling confession to Jimmy Carter after his huge success after winning the Grammy


Few can say that they became famous thanks to their debut role, playing an incredible version of themselves. But Will Smith can. When he entered the acting industry in 1990 with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith already had a successful music career under his belt. Smith, widely known by his stage name The Fresh Prince, has won four Grammy Music Awards for his rap tracks. The Bad Guys franchise, which started in 1995, definitely contributed to Will Smith’s rise to fame. Soon he was called Mr. Julie, and each of his films became a successful blockbuster. A huge trait that plays in his favor is his humble character, which he demonstrated after receiving a Grammy.

Will Smith will always remain humble

Fame definitely doesn’t need time to get into a person’s head. But, despite his monumental success, Will Smith has never allowed fame to turn his head. Around the time Enemy of State was released, Smith was at the peak of his fame. For decades, he has ruled the box office rankings like no other.

In an interview with Jimmy Carter, the Oscar-winning actor talked about how his success affects him. Will Smith was asked if he was full of self-confidence, given the onslaught of success. The actor said, “It’s 100% self-doubt” when it comes to his career. It seems that the actor of “Men in Black” has read the saying “The higher you rise, the harder you fall” too many times.

Smith also talked about how he makes sure that every move is correct. He thanks the people who have been with him for a long time for not letting fame hit him in the head. He calls them smart and reliable. Despite the fact that there has been a lot of noise about how good he is, he pays attention to the comments he receives from people close to him. Considering they’ve been on this journey with him since Philadelphia, they know when to step in.


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