Itaú and Vivo Launch The 1st 5G Bank Branch in Brazil


Itaú Unibanco announced this Tuesday (15) the launch of the first bank branch in Brazil with the 5G connectivity standard, which is located in the capital of São Paulo. The project was developed in partnership with Vivo Empresas, responsible for making the 5G network available at the unit.

Operating in the neighborhood of Brooklin, in the south of São Paulo, the 5G branch of Itaú is in a region where the necessary infrastructure for the use of technology already existed. It was offered by the operator as a test, taking advantage of the 3.5 GHz frequency, through an experimental license from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

The IT director of Itaú Unibanco, Fábio Napoli, celebrated the news. “We took a leap in technology by becoming the first bank in the country to have a physical branch operating with the new technology, which will provide more speed both for our internal systems and for customer connectivity via Wi-Fi”, he commented.

Debora Bortolasi, director of Commercial Operations at Vivo Empresas, pointed out that the high speeds and ultra-low latency of 5G can change the way of doing business. “Through this prism, we have the opportunity to take a technological leap and bring Brazil back into the context of the best and most competitive world economies,” explained the executive.

Benefits for all

According to Itaú, the increase in connection speed is the main attraction of the move to 5G. With the technology, the benefited unit will go from the current 120 Mbps of internet speed to 600 Mbps, a growth of five times in the capacity to transmit data.

Thus, both employees and customers will have more agility in accessing the banking system, taking advantage of faster transactions. Greater availability of services, avoiding possible interruptions usually related to physical cabling, is another advantage mentioned by the bank.


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