Italian press surrenders to Chucky Lozano


Hirving Lozano has started the 2020-21 season in Serie A with an excellent level that has not gone unnoticed by the Italian press.

Recently, the newspaper La Reppublica analyzed some points that “Chucky” improved, among them the communication between his teammates and the fact that he was no longer the most expensive signing of the team.

These words were confirmed by the Gazzetta dello Sport. The Italian newspaper wrote that learning the language was important, in addition to highlighting the role of coach Gennaro Gattuso for the team to engage.

“Gattuso and his squad, with intense work, convinced him to play on the right and help the team in the coverage phase,” the newspaper wrote.

“Hirving has metabolized the different training methodologies and now he feels his legs’ spinning ‘quickly, like Speedy Gonzales’. The result in the resumption of the championship is astonishing: two goals, two assists and a constant performance ”, points out the newspaper.


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