Italian bank starts selling Bitcoin amid global crisis


Italian bank starts selling Bitcoin amid global crisis. Italian bank Banca Sella started to allow its customers to buy and sell Bitcoins on its platform called Hype.

Despite the constant increase in Italy’s debt and all the negativities related to the coronavirus, good news comes from Boots. According to its official website , the Italian bank Banca Sella has added a feature to its platform called Hype that its customers can buy and sell Bitcoin directly.

The platform is currently used regularly by more than a million customers, according to the bank. In addition to cryptocurrencies, other financial instruments such as derivatives and CFDs can be bought and sold on the platform. With a few clicks and easy registration, users can also create Bitcoin wallets for themselves.

The bank also takes responsibility for Bitcoins and private security keys held in the wallet. While the wallet can be created with very easy steps, this service is also free. Several bank accounts can also be linked through the hype platform. As a result, the user can use his balance directly in the account to buy Bitcoin.

The bank also set different daily transaction limits, which can be activated depending on verification and turnover. In the “Hype Start” category, Bitcoin can be purchased with a daily purchase limit of 500 euros and an annual 2.500 euro. In the premium category, Bitcoin can be purchased for 4,990 euros per day and 50,000 euros per year. Hype takes 1 percent commission for transactions.

Any progress towards adoption is crucial, especially in turbulent times like the coronavirus crisis. Curfew was declared in Italy within the framework of measures.