It would look like this if Suga was an Anime character


Check out what Suga and his alter ego Agust D would look like if he were an anime character. BTS’s idol is adorable!

The idols of BTS have joined the fever that the Snapchat anime filter has unleashed, so we show you what the K-pop singer and rapper Suga would look like if he were an animated character, although at once we tell you that looks adorable.

Suga, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V and RM are fashionable guys, because of their charm and personality they could be perfect to be part of a Japanese anime. Can you imagine the stars of BTS captured in some romantic cartoon?

Recently, the company Snapchat launched a new update, with more fun filters, more options for you to have fun within the application and complementary functions that give a new life to the messaging app.

‘Anime Style’ is the Snapchat filter that has gone viral thanks to the fact that it recreates the image you select and takes it anime style, giving your images a different touch that has already captivated thousands of users.

The boys of BTS could not be left behind and this time we bring you the version of the Bangtan Boys as anime characters; We used the new Snapchat filter to transform singers and rappers into animated characters.

This is how Suga looks with the anime filter

As we know, Min Yoongi currently has two stage names, Suga, which he uses to introduce himself as BTS’s idol and Agust D, an artistic name with which he reflects his alter ego singing as a soloist, the truth is that in either of these two versions he looks very cute , not only in real life but also as an anime character.

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Agust D looks like a rebellious and risky boy with Snapchat’s anime filter, despite that, you can also see that the rapper has a cute face.


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