It would be like this if BTS were your classmates


The boys of BTS had a great stage as students, can you imagine how the idols of Big Hit Entertainment would be like your schoolmates?

The Bangtan Boys, before being one of the most famous and popular groups in K-pop, had a great life as students. Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, RM, and V spent long hours in classrooms with their classmates.

Singers and rappers are very happy to remember this stage in their lives, because in addition to making beautiful memories with some of their friends, they learned many crucial things that they put into practice every day in their career as artists.

Thanks to their impact within the music industry, charisma and personality all those represented by Big Hit Entertainment are loved by ARMY, who always express their affection and love.

Have you imagined how the BTS boys would be like your classmates? Well, this time we present the attitudes and personality that the performers of ‘Dynamite’ would have in the classroom.

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The oldest member of BTS would have chosen the cooking workshop to perfect his skills in that branch, you would not have to worry about breakfast, because the singer would always bring you a portion of what he prepared the night before to share with you during the break. I would protect you if any of the boys at school wanted to break your heart.

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Min Yoongi, is a reserved boy, but the rapper has shown that with the right person he would make an incredible match and open his heart, you and Suga would be close friends both outside and inside school and every day, after school you would go to leave your house.



The rapper of the Bangtan Boys would join the dance club without thinking, he would be a star on the school stage. Hoseok could be one of your closest companions because of his open attitude and eager to make friends.



The leader of BTS is a genius, the idol of Big Hit Entertainment has IQ that is above average, so he would be the preferred student of the teachers, he would also win the first place of several student competitions and he would go abroad for the summer To perfect their English, they would tell you their experience and they would become closer.



Kim Taehyung would be an outstanding student in art classes, such as drawing, photography, and music. He could be one of your best friends at school thanks to his talent for listening to people, his kind and deep personality.



Park Jimin would be a cute and tender boy, the exemplary student of the whole school, with good grades, willing to help you if you have a lot of doubts in math or history classes. In addition to having a spectacular academic record, Jimin would be characterized as a flirtatious boy.


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