It will be our own board game Among Us


Undoubtedly, the game that defined these last weeks of play among friends has been Among Us. The title that deals with treason, deception, and detective skills has been so successful that it not only has tens of millions of downloads both on PC and mobile phones, but even increased the use of the voice and video platform Discord. Now, you will have your own board game.

It is worth clarifying that this is not being produced by Innersloth, the independent group of developers who came together to create this gem in 2018, although they would not receive their recognition until two years later. Rather, a fan of the game has taken his passion for Among Us and his talent and turned it all into a board game based on the title.

Known only for his account on Reddit, user “jiacovetto” has shared a picture on the Among Us fan forum of his progress for this quirky multiplayer video game spinoff. We see that he has recreated the well-known map of the ship to perfection: we have details such as the places where tasks are produced, the names of each area, and the objects of each location.

But how do you play this? As explained by jiacovetto, each player must complete the tasks drawing cards. In this way we know if our attempt has been successful or not. The peculiarity of this is that we can draw a letter that indicates that we have been killed by the impostor. After someone dies, just like in the game, we have to vote for who we think was responsible.

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While it takes away a certain element of tension and immersion by not really controlling a character moving and doing tasks inside this now iconic ship, this is an interesting experiment. Playing Among Us, even if it is a physical version of it, seems like a concept with a lot of potential, and that surely creates hilarious and entertaining situations when we meet in person with those who play.


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