It will allow you to save in Google Memory Assistant


Google is working on a new feature for Assistant called Memory. With this feature, to-do list, notes app, Pocket-like reading list and Pinterest style collection board will be integrated into the Google Assistant app. The 9to5Google site noted that this feature is currently being tested by Google employees.

Memory includes articles, contacts, events, flight and hotel information, images, cinemas, music, notes, photos, places, playlists, products, recipes, reminders, restaurants, screenshots, posts, TV series, videos and websites. will record the extensive content it is in.

There is actually a Memory application that records information within the Google Assistant. However, the new version of Memory will be a comprehensive update. This is likely to be integrated into and encompass the Collections feature that preceded it. The Collections feature, which is currently in the Google application, can be accessed from the main menu bar in the daily overview section of the Assistant.

The main purpose here is to allow users to store all kinds of content. These include links, screenshots, item photos or handwritten notes, digital to-do lists and reminders. Memory will then allow you to search, edit and replay any content you have recorded.

Depending on the content you are saving, the Memory will also contain contextual information. For example, when you save a recipe, its cooking time will also be displayed. When you save a movie you want to watch, a link to its trailer will also be attached. If it is Google-based saved content such as a Google Docs document or an uploaded Drive file, you will see customized preview cards.

To save content into memory, users will be able to use a Google Assistant command or take advantage of a shortcut to be added to the home screen. Contents stored in memory will be able to be saved with the labels “Important” or “Read Later”. It will also be possible to reorder them or search for a specific item.

Memory feature is still being tested. Google has not announced when it will make this feature widely available.


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