“It wasn’t the best idea” — Royal experts have targeted Prince Harry for dealing with a steamer recreating Diana’s car crash at The Crown next season


Prince Harry is currently keeping his head under the saw because of the whirlwind brewing over the royal family. Among all the possible worst outcomes, the most feared is that Prince Harry will be permanently cut off from the Kingdom. It’s all thanks to his upcoming book called Spare, which is believed to appeal to all senior members of the royal family. In addition to this, there is another main reason, which obviously led to a further escalation of heated disputes.

Experts have returned a multimillion-dollar project that he and his wife Meghan Markle signed with the American streaming giant. To be clear, the contract for this deal was signed long before the Netflix Crown decided to continue the show. Only this time, focusing more on their late mother, Lady Diana. But experts have made one unprecedented connection between the two elements, once again targeting estranged former members of the royal family.

Royal expert on Prince Harry’s multimillion-dollar Netflix deal

Speaking to UK News, a Royal Daily Mail columnist called our Prince Harry about his deal. Maureen Callahan expressed her opinion in front of the public live on the last day. She began by saying that making a deal with Netflix “wasn’t the best idea” of the Duke. Further, justifying her statements, she added that it is currently inappropriate to enter into any business with a streamer who “recreates his mother’s car accident.”

In addition, experts also assessed how the situation will worsen, especially between the two brothers, Prince Harry and Prince William, after the release of season 5 of The Crown. The Netflix series is due to be released on November 9, which means that there are only a few days left before everything goes well in the United Kingdom.

However, neither side has shown any reaction in the series. However, with regard to the long-awaited memoirs of Prince Harry, everything has gone bad. It’s all because he’s bringing back some terrifying gospels to the British monarchy. In fact, King Charles even made a condition to the Sussex if they wanted to attend his coronation ceremony. The estranged prince, on the other hand, declined his father’s Christmas invitation, which indicates his decision regarding Charles’ coronation.

What do you think about the statements of the royal expert? Do you think Prince Harry made a wise decision by collaborating with Netflix?


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