It wasn’t hacked: Roblox has been inactive for days, but promises to return


The company behind Roblox denies that the game was the victim of a hack and promises that it will return online as soon as possible.


Roblox is currently one of the most popular games in the world. It has a global community that reached 160 million monthly active players on PC, mobile and Xbox One.

Until now it seemed that the team in charge, Roblox Corporation, was handling the situation in the best possible way. However, things are not going well: this title has been offline for days, which has caused great concern to its fans.

Roblox has been offline for a few days

At this time it is already over 60 hours. The problems began on October 29 last. The fact is that nobody knows the reason for this ‘digital blackout’. While the team investigated, it emerged that it was not a hack or attack on their servers.

It also has nothing to do with an in-game promotion, which raised suspicions. Actually, the cause has been identified and work is being done to fix the problem. It is only a matter of waiting.

Through Twitter, the company shared the message “We believe we have identified an underlying internal cause for the outage.”

It wasn’t hacked: Roblox has been inactive for days, but promises to return
To the above, he added: ‘We are in the process of carrying out the necessary engineering and maintenance work to get Roblox back to work as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience’.

The company denied some possible causes

It was also denied that the promotion of the Chipotle food chain had anything to do with the problem. This consists of giving away a million dollars in burritos through the game.

It is to be imagined that many people took the opportunity to get one, but not to the extent of affecting the performance of this title. Now, how many people would be affected right now? It could be around 45-50 million.

The most recent data on the Roblox player base is 48 million and dates back to last August. It is best if the responsible team finds what caused the failure and fixes it soon.

So far it doesn’t seem like the game will expand to other platforms. The most recent adaptation is the Xbox One, which dates back to 2015. It does not appear that the company in charge plans to come up with new systems, but it continues to expand the franchise in other areas.