“It was torture” — Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About What Happened During The Filming of Sex Scenes With Jennifer Aniston


Even Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t handle Jennifer Aniston. The actress is considered one of the hottest actresses in the industry and was once on the list of the highest paid celebrities. While Gyllenhaal himself is quite handsome, Aniston’s fame from F.R.I.E.N.D.S only helped show the world her beauty.

Despite the fact that they are about 12 years old, they shared a stormy chemistry in their 2002 film “Good Girl“. So what was it like for a young Gyllenhaal to romanticize a dream girl in front of the team? In an interview, he spoke frankly about the shooting and explained why it was awkward.

Jake Gyllenhaal explained why filming a sex scene with Jennifer Aniston was torture

Gyllenhaal was only 21 years old when he shared a sex scene with 33-year-old Jennifer Aniston. During an episode of The Howard Stern Show in 2021, the actor spoke about his experience of romanticizing someone older than him. Recalling the experience, he said: “It was torture, yes, but it wasn’t torture. I mean come on. It was like a mixture of both.”

He explained that about 30-50 people are present during the filming of the film, and intimacy seems mechanical. Since every scene in the film is choreographed, so is this one. But he thanks Aniston for making the whole scenario more comfortable for him.

At that time, the actress was married to Brad Pitt, and they became one of the hottest couples in the industry. Although since then their paths have diverged. Meanwhile, during the interview, Gyllenhaal was dating his girlfriend Jeanne Cadier. Despite this, they went through the scene being outspoken throughout it.

“Good Girl” revolves around Justine, a 30-year-old woman living with her husband Phil in a small town in Texas. While she’s working at the mall, he’s a house painter. While he wants to start a family, Justine needs time. But everything changes when a young employee named Holden is hired as a cashier at her workplace. This is followed by a series of bittersweet events. The film was well received by critics, both actors were praised for their work.

What do you think about the experience of filming Jake Gyllenhaal? Have you watched this movie? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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