It was Steam Next Fest and will be held in June


Valve confirmed at this fair the official date of the Steam Game Festival, which in this 2021 edition will be called Steam Next Fest. With hundreds of planned demos and chat with countless developers, the event promises hot news about the world of games and lots of interactive content.

According to the company, the name of the Steam Game Festival has been changed so that the public has more clarity about the proposal of the event, which will be “a celebration of future releases that lasts several days”. For 7 days, players will have access to exclusive content, being able to experience first-hand demos and learn a little more about the future of their favorite games.

“We have renamed the Steam Game Festival to make its purpose clear: to announce the Steam Next Fest, a celebration of future releases that lasts several days,” explained Valve. “Explore and play hundreds of game demos, watch live developer streams and chat with teams about upcoming games that will be released soon on Steam.”

The event is scheduled to take place between 16 and 22 June, starting at 2 pm (Brasília time). So already reserve space in your calendar to stay on top of the next news from the Valve platform.


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