It was revealed! Lucia Mendez and her infamous play


What was a celebration for Lucía Mendez and the fans, ended up being the target of criticism and ridicule in the program “De Primera Mano”

¡Quedó expuesta en vivo! Lucía Méndez y su notorio playback(INSTAGRAM)

It turns out that the famous singer Lucía Méndez went through a bad time during the segment she had dedicated to the evening program “De Primera Mano”, by Grupo Imagen, after there were notorious failures in terms of playback, which caused the The singer was desperately trying to tell the show’s production to stop the song.

And it is that Lucía Méndez had the intention of doing a brief interpretation of the song “Mi México”, the singer’s new single, so she wanted to give a preview in the program led by Gustavo Adolfo Infante and to which Addis has now also joined. Tuñón as part of the project, so they were celebrating their new incorporation.

It should be noted that, from the beginning of the broadcast, the controversy began because there was not even a farewell for the former co-host Michelle Ruvalcaba, whose last participation was last Tuesday and is no longer part of the show, which made the Followers’ comments were to claim that aspect from the beginning of it.

In addition, with the detail that the only form of notice that was issued by the program participants was the same Monday, only notifying that the driver would no longer be in the production, however, which bothered the viewers, it was that she was not given her due farewell or some kind of tribute, she being a pioneer of the evening.

But, in order to do an interview and have something memorable for Tuñón’s integration, they decided to invite Lucía Méndez, who agreed to sing briefly for them, however, an error on the part of the production ended up making the singer look bad. .

Well, at the time of interpreting the theme of “My Mexico”, she wanted to cut before and the playback did not stop, so while the song continued, she stood with her hand up, asking to stop the track.

The actress, also, was left with her gaze directed towards the cameras and later, towards the people in charge of the production of the program, with a face that gave off anger.

But because of the “small detail”, that the program was supposedly being broadcast live, and the error was left in front of the entire audience, which caused Lucía to simply stare upset at the program’s production, who, with such to get out of the problem, they decided to make a sharp cut of the images and go to commercials.

Unfortunately, this action was already done too late, because we know that users in the so famous social networks do not forgive, so it was more than evident that the so evident error of the program was not forgiven.

Causing those who were the audience of the program and had easy access to the network, they were decidedly going to criticize the ridicule made by the singer and of course they did not ignore the aforementioned about the departure of Michelle Ruvalcaba.

Similarly, in Grupo Imagen’s YouTube video, users criticized Michelle’s abrupt departure and responded with strong messages against the program and specifically against Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

This is how some users let it be seen: “How disgusting how they dumped Mich without saying goodbye and the dwarf proudly says that he had wanted to work with Addis for a long time, that is, when she was a replacement they were already preparing the ground to kick someone who did. she has an angel, they won’t forgive Mich for shining more and knowing how to speak ”.

“Too bad they didn’t even fire Mich! It was only on Monday that they mentioned that he was leaving, but at least if yesterday was the last program they would have fired him as he deserves, since he was one of the pioneers of this program ”.


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