“It was obvious…” — Jurgen Klopp on three important decisions that the referee made incorrectly against Arsenal.


Jurgen Klopp explained his distrust of the three important decisions that, in his opinion, referee Michael Oliver made in Liverpool’s 3-2 defeat to Arsenal on Sunday.

The Reds came from behind twice to equalise at the Emirates, only for Bukayo Saki’s winning penalty, which saw them leave North London empty-handed.

Over the weekend in the Premier League, when a series of questionable refereeing decisions were noted, Liverpool definitely did not come into view, and before Wednesday’s Champions League match with Rangers, Klopp was asked what he thought about the game two days later.

The German chose three decisions that, in his opinion, were wrong that day.

Arsenal’s first goal

LONDON, ENGLAND – Sunday, October 9, 2022: Gabriel Martinelli of Arsenal celebrates scoring the first goal during the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium. (Photo by David Rockliff/Propaganda)

Gabriel Martinelli opened the scoring for the hosts within one minute of the start of the match, but it has since become clear that the goal was not checked for offside due to a technical error VAR.

If Darren England, VAR., had paid attention to this goal that day, there is every chance that it would not have been counted, since Klopp was adamant that Saka was returning from an “offside” position.

“Arsenal’s first goal, as I’ve just heard, was probably offside, we just can’t find out because there was no camera or something like that, I don’t know the exact reason,” he told reporters.

“But when I saw the picture, I thought it was obvious that Saka had come back from offside.”

Gabriel’s Handball

LONDON, ENGLAND – Sunday, October 9, 2022: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp during the pre-match warm-up before the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium. (Photo by David Rockliff/Propaganda)

Klopp also believes that Liverpool should have converted a penalty in the first half when Diogo Hota’s shot attempt hit Arsenal defender Gabriel in the arm.

The boss pointed to the point of view of former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher on the Sky Sports report, who agreed that the Reds were unlucky not to get a penalty in the first period.

“I think on Sky Sports, the referee, when Mr. Dermott says twice that the decision of the best English referee Michael Oliver was wrong,” Klopp continued.

“One penalty was not a penalty. Before the season, we had a big meeting of the judges, and they said: “No more soft penalties.”

“Then we saw in the season already such situations that we had with handball, and there were penalties with exactly the same situation, but not in this game.

“But Mr. Dermott, in order not to forget, thought: “Yes, this is a fine.”

Arsenal penalty

LONDON, ENGLAND — Sunday, October 9, 2022: Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker reacts to the awarding of a penalty to Arsenal during the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium. (Photo by David Rockliff/Propaganda)

Arsenal’s winner came after it was admitted that Thiago had knocked down Gabriel Jesus in the penalty area.

Oliver immediately pointed to the point, and VAR did not reverse his decision. Klopp remains convinced that it was the wrong decision.

“The second half, we score the second goal,” he continued.

“An open game, we are not as good as in the first half, but an open game. Then we conceded a penalty, which was not a penalty, and from that moment we had to watch the game, and Arsenal could counterattack, and they had obviously better situations, it’s all true, but it’s really hard to judge this game.”

Liverpool could have defended much better against Arsenal, and Klopp said so on Tuesday night, but, for obvious reasons, it is hard for him to judge his side in a game in which there were so many controversial decisions.

“I saw that we are not playing the best football,” he said.

“But we played on the road with a team that took first place in the table. A great team, the best players. But we lost him the way we lost him, and it’s hard to judge.

“What are we missing? To be honest, in this particular game, only the right decisions of the referees would be useful, and then we can judge the game.

“If we win this game, our problems will be completely solved for the outside world, we know that this is not the case. We lost a game and three players, obviously it was exactly the opposite of what was supposed to happen.”


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