It was discovered that Mr. Shaibel was Beth’s father


In Lady’s Gambit it was seen that Beth (Anya Taylor-Joy) was never close to her biological father, Paul (Sergio Di Zio), as her mother Alice (Chloe Pirrie) kept her away from him, and she eventually stopped seeing him. any of them.

A trip to the basement of the orphanage where Beth was taken allowed a fateful encounter with Mr. Shaibel (Bill Camp), the custodian of the orphanage in Lady’s Gambit. Beth was mesmerized by the chess game in front of her.

Although Shaibel was initially skeptical of the girl’s worth as a chess opponent, his keen observation skills convinced him to teach her to play Queen’s Gambit.

In Lady’s Gambit, he was the only male authority figure who encouraged his fledgling passions, and Shaibel’s mentorship was instrumental in molding the girl into the chess teacher he would eventually become.

Beyond his role as coach, Mr. Shaibel truly cared deeply for Beth, making him the closest thing Beth has ever had to a supportive father in Lady’s Gambit.

Mr. Shaibel constantly nurtured his talents and connected Beth with opportunities for improvement. Even after Beth was adopted into Queen’s Gambit, Shaibel helped jump-start her chess career.

Beth always tried to affirm the importance of Shaibel to her in interviews, but she was often silenced. Unlike his other more toxic relationships, Mr. Shaibel was truly rooted in Beth, having no ulterior motives in Lady’s Gambit.

Seeing Mr. Shaibel’s bulletin board dedicated to her in the latest episode of Lady’s Gambit not only helped Beth rebound, it reminded her of the years of friendship she missed while traveling the world.