“(It) was a no—brainer” – Mila Kunis makes a startling revelation about the infamous incident with Will Smith at the Oscars


Events are happening around us that will forever remain in our memory. An incident like the slamming of the Oscar gate is one such incident. However, there have been many discussions and interpretations of the situation. Will Smith won the award for Best Actor for the film “King Richard”. While everyone seemed shocked when Smith hit Rock, they also gave the King Richard star a round of applause for the win. However, Mila Kunis did not stand up for the actor. She refreshed her memories and shared the reason why she did not applaud the actor standing up.

Mila Kunis is a famous actress who starred in one of the famous films “Friends with Benefits”. While the actress has had an amazing journey in her career, she is also known for telling her truth. Therefore, even after all this time after the Oscar incident, when she refreshed her memory, she shared her opinion openly and firmly. Why didn’t she give the Oscar-winning actor a standing ovation?

Why Will Smith couldn’t get Mila to applaud

Right after the “Fresh Prince” attacked Chris Rock, he received recognition for his performance in “King Richard”. Although almost all the audience stood up and applauded the actor standing, some actors did not. Mila Kunis gives an amazing reason not to support the ovation. She and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, stayed put because they didn’t want to set such an example to their children.

She explained further and said that one day their children would see their parents’ reaction to this accident. Attacking someone is an offensive act, and supporting it with applause the next minute would be the wrong example. “The idea of setting an example only makes sense when you really have someone to lead,” Mila said.

She was also shocked by the number of actors present who stood up and applauded. She expressed her surprise and said: “It wasn’t difficult not to stand in front of me, but what shocked me was how many people stood up.” Then she exclaimed and told about how people live in society. Looking at such a reaction to Smith’s victory, she believed that we live in a world where it is better to look good than to stand up for what is right.

What do you think about the reaction of Mila and Ashton Kutcher? Do you agree with them? Share your opinion with us in the comments box.


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