It turns out that Vikings have black hair, not blond


According to a new study, the Vikings mostly had black hair, not yellow, contrary to popular belief. Also, the Vikings were a community of people from Asia and Southern Europe, not just people of Scandinavian descent.

In the movies and TV series that feature Vikings, Vikings are shown as blond, white-skinned Northern European people, similar to today’s Scandinavian people. However, a joint study by scientists from Cambridge University and the University of Copenhagen revealed that the truth is very different from this.

Scientists in the study published in Nature magazine; BC, which also includes the Viking period. 2.400 M.S. He studied the genomes of 442 people who lived between 1600 B.C., 1000 ancient people who lived outside the Viking period, and the 3,855 people living today.

Scientists’ work reveals that the Vikings are not entirely Scandinavian; It was revealed that genes belonging to Southern Europeans started to enter Scandinavian lands starting from Denmark since the Iron Age, and also that there were Asian origin genes in Sweden. Perhaps the most interesting finding about the study was that the Vikings were mostly black hair, not blond, contrary to what was believed.

The study, which roughly matched today’s Scandinavian countries, revealed that despite this, there were no single types of people living in Scandinavian lands, and that gene diversity increased significantly, especially in coastal areas. According to the research, Vikings in Denmark migrated to England, Vikings in Sweden to Baltic Region, Vikings in Norway to Ireland, Iceland and Greenland. In addition, some remains from Russia revealed that some Vikings of Danish origin migrated to the east.

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