It turned out why Microsoft uses artificial intelligence!


As you know Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses and sells computer software, electronic devices, personal computers and information services.

Artificial intelligence technology, which has been the favorite of recent times, has made our lives easier. It turned out why Microsoft focused so much on artificial intelligence!

Microsoft strengthens artificial intelligence systems

Microsoft announced a new project that will make artificial intelligence systems more accessible to deaf and visually impaired people. Researchers are sure that most data sets do not take into account the characteristics of this category of people.

A problem that comes with the development of technology is that machine learning algorithms do not have enough data to learn and do not develop technologies specially designed for people who cannot fully use their hearing or vision.

One of the important projects: Object Recognition for Invisible Imaging Training project will create a new general video dataset for people who have lost their sight. This data will be used to develop algorithms for smartphone cameras. They will be able to recognize the objects that people need on a daily basis, wallet, face mask. With its help, the devices will be able to understand where they are in the room.

Microsoft is also partnering with Team Gleason, an organization that supports Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients, for this project. They will create an open data set from photographs of individuals with this neurodegenerative disease. The algorithm will be able to better recognize people with ALS symptoms in the future.

The third project team is developing a public data set to train, validate and test various tags. As a result, visually impaired people will be able to point the camera at the text, which will identify the smartphone and speak to the user. Researchers point out that several dozen ideas are still in development. In addition, they all aim to improve the lives of people for whom artificial intelligence has not been used in practice before.

For example, in the future, an autonomous vehicle will detect a person in a wheelchair and stop. At the same time, a predictable recruiting system does not degrade candidates with disabilities as they differ from the AI-trained “ideal worker” model.


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