It seems Ben Affleck and J.Lo have made a decision about whose place they should move to


First love, then marriage, then a baby in a stroller, right? Well, not for the Hollywood couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, whose romantic line looks a little different than most. First came love, then an unsuccessful engagement in the early noughties, followed by children/marriages with other people. They then reunited in 2021 and finally married each other in a surprise escape in Vegas last June. Bennifer, however, made a deal while their life situation was still changing, but nothing special because they had recently made a decision about whose housing to move to.

Phase I: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Start Looking for a Home Forever

In truth, the iconic pair of performers have been looking for a place for a while where they could call home together. It is reported that their search for a home began even a few months before Ben Affleck’s marriage proposal to J.Lo, which occurred during a sultry party in a bubble bath in April. Around the same time, it was suggested that they had made an offer for the Texas billionaire’s property, which boasted a whopping 17 bathrooms.

However, it would seem that this is either not the case, or it should not be. After the engagement, there was another rumor that they had made another offer regarding the Beverly Hills mansion owned by Mariah Carey’s billionaire ex-fiance James Packer. But, as it turned out, Affleck and Lopez are just temporarily renting out the premises.

Phase II: Mr. and Mrs. Affleck’s Eyes Calm Down

Fast forward to last month — Ben and Jen tied the knot, as already mentioned, which Ben’s ex Gwyn (Paltrow) was very happy about. However, since then, their house hunt has supposedly been completely stopped: TMZ reported that the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Affleck decided to abandon the purchase of a new house and instead are going to settle in Bel-J Lo for $ 28 million. The aerial estate, which she has owned since 2016.

Sources in it claim that large-scale plans for the reconstruction of the property are currently being developed to better meet their needs as a mixed family. As a result, there won’t be an official moving date for a year or more, so until then they’re going to stay together at Packer McMansion.

This may well be a real plan for the stars. Because TMZ also broke the news that the former Batman actor, who will soon reprise his role in Aquaman 2 next summer, put his Pacific Palisades bachelor apartment up for sale this week. Apparently, he’s trying to flip the 7-bedroom behemoth, as he bought it for almost $20 million in 2018 and is putting it on the market for almost $30 million. The potential return on his investment will undoubtedly go to finance the renovation of J.Lo’s house. (And don’t worry, that “Sunset Sale” star and real estate agent who claimed she matched up with Affleck on Paradise isn’t leading the sale here.)

Phase III: Happily Ever After for Ben Affleck and J.Lo?

Something for the wife, eh? Now that they have officially, so to speak, put a ring on this thing, and the housing issue is taking shape, it’s time for a fairy tale forever. It seems that everyone, including the pop singer’s first husband, has their own opinion about how long the relationship will last. But the only ones that really matter are the children of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s five children from previous relationships, all of whom, according to reports, allegedly get along with each other and with new parental figures in their lives.

Moreover, the couple is allegedly planning a much grander second wedding at another estate owned by Affleck. In this way, they can declare their love in front of close friends and the whole family, and not just in front of the pastor of the Little White Chapel and the casual viewers of Vegas.

In tandem, the actors are still busy filming. Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming role in the action movie “Mother” is expected to be released on Netflix’s 2022 schedule later this year. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck has a cameo role in “Clerks 3,” which hits theaters on September 13. So, in general, first comes love, then marriage, then home and a new era for Hollywood’s most infamous couple “It”.


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