It Looks like Jordan Peele is Teasing a Potential Nope Sequel Thanks to a Cut-Out Character


There are spoilers ahead for Jordan Peele’s film “No.”

Filmmaker Jordan Peele may have made his Hollywood debut as a comedian, but he has since become an accomplished Oscar-winning director himself. Debuting as a director in the horror hit “Away”, he released two more incredibly successful works in this genre, the last of which was “No”. And it looks like Peel is teasing a potential sequel to Nope thanks to one cut-out character from a UFO movie.

Just like “Away” and “We”, “No” became a critical and box office hit when it was released in theaters in July. The new horror movie constantly destroyed the expectations of fans, especially with regard to what exactly the UFO was doing. But fans were wondering about a seemingly deleted character named just “Nobody,” played by actor Michael Bush. Peel recently spoke to the New York Times about his latest directorial work, where he was asked about Nobody. He replied cryptically:

The story of this character has yet to be told, I can tell you that. This is another frustrating way of saying: I’m glad people are paying attention to me. I really think they will get more answers to some of these things in the future. We haven’t finished telling all these stories.

Well, I’m definitely intrigued. Despite the fact that “No” has been in theaters for a month, Jordan Peele still shies away from some aspects of the film. This includes the character Nobody and how he could have been initially accounted for in the story. And it looks like Peel is still planning to bring this character to life sometime in the future. But could it be in the sequel to Nope or in another project?

Jordan Peele’s comments in the New York Times helped lift the veil over various aspects of the creation of Nope. But he also decided to leave the public guessing about certain aspects of this filmmaking, such as the shoe that mysteriously stood on a nail in the memories of Gordy’s house. And when it comes to the mysterious Nobody character, it was another moment when Peel decided to leave his cards in the chest. Although it will no doubt inspire fans with questions and theories about what could happen in a potential sequel.

The concept of a remote Nope character in a general sense seems mysterious because Jordan Peele seems to be such a methodical (and terrifying) director. The plot of his latest ambitious horror film was told in great detail, and the audience received both answers to the riddle and background information about the characters. And if Peel is pinning his hopes on using “Nobody” in a future project, I have to wonder which part of the mysterious character ended up on the editing floor. And, besides, how it can affect the history of Jean Jacket.

Knope’s story ended satisfactorily: Jean Jacket was killed, and the Heywood siblings survived after meeting a flying monster. But are there any more such aliens? If that’s the case, it seems like Jordan Peele could have made a franchise, although the UFO mystery probably wouldn’t have hit so hard.

Nope is still in theaters. Check out the movie release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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