It Looks like Hallmark Is Quietly Running Laurie Laughlin’s Projects Are Returning To the Fold


When Laurie Laughlin became embroiled in the infamous college admissions scandal back in 2019, she eventually lost her role playing Abigail Stanton in the popular Hallmark series “When the Heart Calls.” The show continued without her, and although Laurie Laughlin appeared as a character in the GAC Family spin-off “When Hope Calls,” Hallmark broke off his relationship with the actress. That seems to have changed this week, as reports say her “Garage Sale Mysteries” series is back.

Laurie Laughlin directed numerous films for The Garage Sale Mysteries between 2013 and 2018. They were unavailable for some time after Hallmark broke up with the star after the scandal, but reports indicate that now the Hallmark app has quietly started adding her content. back to the bosom. Hallmark made an announcement on Facebook a few days ago, adding three films of the Garage Sale Mysteries actress to Hallmark Movies Now, its paid app.

The news is interesting because Hallmark had previously severed relations with Laurie Laughlin. The network was categorical in its statement at the time and even specifically mentioned “Garage Sale Secrets” in its announcement of moving forward without the former “Full House” star.

We are saddened by the recent news regarding allegations of college admissions. We no longer work with Laurie Laughlin and have stopped developing all products that are broadcast on the Crown Media Family Network channels with Laurie Laughlin, including “Garage Sale Secrets”, independent third-party products.

However, more recently, the actress was trying to get her career back on track after she was released from prison in 2020 after serving her sentence for participating in the college admissions scandal. A previous post this week indicated that Laurie Laughlin is trying to get a probation permit to travel to Canada to film a new project, with some media suggesting it could be for Hallmark. (This is currently unconfirmed.) However, if true, it may explain why the network is now quietly adding some of its content.

In addition, Laurie Laughlin has gained a lot of supporters in recent months. “When the Heart Calls,” creator Brian Bird said he would like her to come back, telling “Navigating Hollywood” that she had “served her time.” Danica McKellar also defended Laughlin to an insider, noting that “it would be difficult to find a person who has not made mistakes in his life.” And Candice Cameron Bure supported throughout the ordeal, calling Laughlin a “dear and close friend” and telling how they celebrated the finale of the spin-off “Full House” together, although the actress could not take part in the finale of “Fuller House”.

We will keep you informed if we receive more detailed information about the future plans of the actress.


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