It is wrong that PS5 games will be delayed in Brazil.


During the weekend, a print ran WhatsApp groups and social networks: according to the message, the physical games of PS5 would not reach stores at launch due to a logistical error by Sony. Voxel contacted the distributor, who denied the rumor invented by a shopkeeper, and said that everything goes according to plan.

The statement, which you can see below, claimed that distributor RCELL would not have the games in November. However, in contact with RCELL, the company said that it is not the author of the text and that it is a false statement created by a shopkeeper, who has already been warned.

Fake statement that has run the internet in recent days

In response to Voxel, the distributor said that “there is no delay or failure in production and logistics for the new PS5 games, either by Sony or by Rcell”. See the official statement below:


Official statement from RCELL, revealing that everything is normal and there are no delays or “Sony logistics error”

So, if you’re concerned about delays in your PlayStation 5 games, rest assured: everything is back to normal.

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