It is the luxury mansion where Luis Suárez said goodbye.


Uruguayan forward Luis Suárez, 33, ended a six-year career with Barcelona to embark on a new adventure with Atlético de Madrid, a game that not only hurt him, but also Lionel Messi, his friend , who considers that he was not given a worthy exit from the culé club.

With his goodbye to Catalonia, Suárez will not only have to say goodbye to great friends, but also to his home, where he loved to hold meetings in the company of other clubmates and their wives.

Their mansion was located in the exclusive neighborhood of Castelldefels, a few blocks from Lionel Messi, which is why it was frequent to see them visit each other.

Suárez bought the property in 2015, after spending $ 3.6 million dollars, but he did not do it to inhabit it immediately, but he demolished it and built a new one to his liking and that of his family, in which he could enjoy enviable privacy .

The former Liverpool player’s home spanned 12,300 square feet and stood on 15,600 square feet. Its estimated price would be $ 5 million.

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