It is said that Katherine Heigl refused to say goodbye


A glaring exception on Grey’s Anatomy is the departure of Izzie Stevens, played by Katherine Heigl, who remained on the ABC show from its debut in 2005 to 2010. Izzie was involved in some of the drama’s most notable moments.

Vernoff revealed that he had written a farewell for Izzie, he intended to link the story of the character and Alex Karev on Grey’s Anatomy but before returning to the post in season 14, he says he was informed that Heigl was not going to film the episode.

The disagreement represents the latest twist in Heigl’s sometimes contentious story with the creative team behind Grey’s Anatomy. It was frequently speculated that Heigl wanted to leave the series, due to disagreeing with some of the stories.

In particular, Heigl referred to the matter between Izzie and George as a “rating ploy”. In another outbreak, Heigl opted out of the Emmys in 2008 because she felt the material she had been given was insufficient on Grey’s Anatomy.

Heigl hasn’t appeared on Grey’s Anatomy since her abrupt exit a decade ago, but fans have received a bit of closure regarding Izzie. In an episode of season 16 it is revealed that Izzie and Alex have gotten back together.

The couple live on a farm in Kansas and raise their twins. For now, that off-screen resolution will have to suffice, as this latest public feud suggests Heigl won’t be returning to Grey’s Anatomy anytime soon.

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